Why do Earthlings do that?

Smoking PlanetOn 15th June Smokefree Hebrides teamed up with Pupils and teachers from the Nicolson Institute and Lionel school to support the Tobacco Control Strategy for Scotland (2013).

Second year pupils in both schools performed a musical drama for 400 primary schools pupils at An Lanntair. Pupils acted and sang in three performances of the show and received fantastic reviews from the audiences and in our competition feedback form.

The storyline centred on young people looking at smoking in the future and from the perspective of an alien community. The Aliens came from a planet called KEMOS EERF DREESHBI and this is an anagram of Smokefree Hebrides. The Aliens looked at the attitudes to smoking over several decades right up to 2034. The Scottish Government’s ambition is for only 5% of the Scottish population choosing to smoke by 2034.  The play included specially written songs to promote the smoke free message and was created to encourage audience participation. The play was well received by primaries 5-6 from across Lewis and Harris and the children were very energetic in singing along to the smoke free message.


The production reflected our Gaelic culture and values and was filmed by Wee Studio. A copy of the film has been made available electronically and on DVD for use by other Boards and educational facilities. Please contact us for further information.

As a result of this event there have been be a number of really positive outcomes.

  • Our young people are now aware of the benefits that not smoking will have on their health and other around them.
  • Staff, parents, families and friends have also shared in the information that the musical drama highlighted around the danger of second hand smoke and ENDS.
  • Smokefree Hebrides is delighted that a number of smokers have now self referred to the smoking cessation programme.

Planning for the show started last year when Smokefree Hebrides met with Avril Allen (Music teacher). Avril left with a brief to write the script and music for a Musical Drama to promote the message of a smoke free future for Scotland. The result was that on the 15th June the pupils performed ‘Why do Earthlings do that?’ The drama focussed on how Second Hand Smoke and the introduction of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), which includes  both e-cigarettes and vaporisers, can influence our young people and why it is important that we promote the  benefits of making healthy lifestyle choices.

Whilst children were invited to attend the show from across the Western Isles, geography, timings and budgets meant only those pupils in Lewis and Harris were able to attend. The play was such a success that is hoped the pupils in Uists and Barra will be able to produce their own drama in 2016 supported by Smokefree Hebrides.