Play@Home Toddler Book

Play@home launchThe Play@Home toddler book was recently launched in the Western Isles by NHSWI in conjunction with the Early Years Partnership and NHS Scotland. The visit of the bus also gave parents and children under 5 the chance to do crafts, join in sing-along’s and take part in book bug sessions and Play@Home sessions.

The launch took place at Coll Community Centre on 23rd July and children over 1 year old who came on the bus were given a toddler book which contained lots of simple and adaptable activities, using recycled or home-made materials.

The aim of Play@Home is to put young people on a path of good health and physical activity by getting parents to encourage their children in active play by fostering children’s thinking, imagination and creativity.  The Play@Home programme has been developed with the philosophy that parents are their children’s first teachers. Children learn through movement and play. This programme is not only about what parents can do for their children, but just as importantly, what parents can do with their children.  The bus was exceptionally busy every day and numbers reached:

  • Coll – Children (43) – Adults (33)
  • Spors Nis – Children (42) – Adults (38)
  • Stornoway – Children (259) – Adults (200)
  • Barvas Westside Show – Children (240) – Adults (222)

Due to the phenomenal success of the bus we are hoping to try and get the bus back to visit Harris as well as Uist and Barra later in the year.  For further information please contact Marissa MacLennan, Health Information & Resources Officer, tel. 01851 701545.