Smoking Statistics (Scotland – 01/04/13-31/03/14)

Smokefree Hebrides logoSmoking cessation services in Scotland continue to work towards a healthier, smoke free environment.

Smokefree Hebrides are continuing to improve their service and support smokers wishing to quit smoking.  We exceeded the Scottish Government HEAT Target for 2011 -2014. Our generic target was set at 390 smokers quit at one month post quit date, in total we had 439.  The measured target of 40% (175) within the two most  deprived quintiles (1 and 2) was 192.  We are proud to be part of such a successful service and more importantly proud of those who have managed to stop smoking.  We know it is a very difficult habit to give up and commend those that have been so successful in doing so.

An overall report has been published for the whole of Scotland, to view please click here.