Countdown to Smoke-free NHS premises and grounds

Final Countdown PosterNHS Western Isles has now completed it’s countdown to ‘no smoking’ on its premises and grounds.  This means that all premises and grounds owned by NHS Western Isles have now  been smoke-free since November 30th 2013. 

Our Smoking Policy which was, approved by the Board’s Area Partnership Forum and the Board itself has been operational for almost a year. It  has provided information and support to both staff and patients during this time.  If anyone has any questions or require any information, we will be happy to forward to the Smoking Policy Group on your behalf.

Smoking is the biggest cause of premature death in the UK and is the biggest cause of ill health in Scotland. It is now estimated to claim over 13,000 lives each year and costs the NHS in Scotland an estimated £200 million per annum. For these reasons NHS Western Isles aims to discharge its public health duties responsibly and will always act to discourage and consequently prevent smoking.

The aim of the Board is to reduce premature mortality and to improve the health of the people of the Western Isles. Advocating non-smoking is recognised as being one of the most effective ways to achieving these aims. This policy also forms part of the Board’s overall concern for the health, safety and welfare of its staff..

If you are interested in getting help about stopping smoking, please contact Smokefree Hebrides, tel. 01851 701623.