Western Isles Health & Works Partnership Website

HWL logoThe Western Isles Health and Works Partnership website was recently launched, to help people get ‘up and running’.The website is available at www.wihb.scot.nhs.uk/healthworks and contains a wealth of information to point you in the right direction of the services available that can support you, whether you are looking for work, in paid or unpaid employment, a full time carer, a crofter, a parent or a volunteer.

The launch of the website, in Stornoway Library, was aimed principally at young people in the community; our workforce of the future.The development of a website is part of the ‘Up and Running’ project which aims to support anyone who is looking for work, anyone wishing to return to work after an absence, anyone thinking of starting their own business and small to medium businesses who might be looking for advice about how to support their employees.

The launch of the website follows an extremely successful open day last year when around 300 people dropped in to get help and advice from 35 different local agencies.

The event not only provided an opportunity for people to gain valuable information and advice about a variety of topics – including sport and exercise, cancer support sevices, housing, volunteering, smoking cessation, further education and learning, and mental health – but also raised awareness of the wide range of support services that are available to people in the Western Isles.