Men’s Health Forums

quiz winners 2011

The Men’s Health Forums throughout the Western Isles were set up to promote and campaign for positive changes in policy and practice towards men’s health and well being and in addition, to enhance the ability of men to take steps to improve their health.

In particular, the aims of the Men’s Health Forum are to increase awareness amongst men of the importance of regular health checks, improve knowledge regarding health issues, raise awareness ad promote the range of services available for men and to organise events relating to men’s health.

The Forum support events throughout the Western Isles ranging from football, golf, fishing, rugby competitions and arrange taster sessions for men to try out several sports. Quizes are held in Lewis and Uist where participants battle against each other to answer questions in a range of topics, a specific health topic is covered at each quiz.  Further information on this year’s Men’s Health Week can be found in our Health Inequalities section.  Pictured are the winners of the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ Quiz Night held in Stornoway, November 2011.