Feedback from Cosmetology Students at Lews Castle College

Link“Over the past two months we had a weekly health promotion input and have covered a wide variety of subjects from having safe sex to healthy eating.

“Having these sessions have boosted our confidence in life and are not afraid to voice our opinions. We are now able to talk more freely and confidently about health issues. We are more aware of our bodies and what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy.  We now have a great deal of knowledge about mental health and about what we can do look after  our own mental health and how to support someone if they were suffering from a mental health problem.

“We have all set personal goals to change our health and diet and look at ourselves and each other differently.  We have all enjoyed this experience and it is a fun way of learning new things and we would love to have the opportunity to learn more or just to refresh our memories of what we have learnt over the past two months.  We definitely feel that the more fun you have the more you learn and this programme has been a lot of fun as well as being informative”.