Macaulay Farm’s “Berry Good for You!”

Fas Fallain imageThe Macaulay Farm’s  “Berry Good for You!” growing initiative will encourage members to engage in the expansion of an already successful outdoor vegetable growing project, which benefits both their physical and mental health and development.

The project will also feed-in to healthy eating classes, which will encourage students to eat the produce they have grown themselves.  The addition of the berry produce would further increase the College’s earned income, supporting the day to day programme of activities. All monies raised from the sale of produce will be invested directly back into the College, with the hope that further tunnels can be purchased.

The successful implementation of the ‘Berry Good for You” project will have an invaluable benefit to the College members and wider community.

Alongside the building of confidence seen in the successful development of a product from seed to sale, the organisation hopes to introduce, in the future, positions for supported employment for its members who have worked their way through the College programme.