Young People

Health Promotion works with young people in a wide range of topics and situations, both with its own staff or in a multi-agency approach..

Health Promotion are involved in many activities to raise awareness of health issues with young people.

Young People Health Services List

A comprehensive list of health related groups and agencies specifically for young people in the Western Isles was produced recently .  The list provides information on the range of services each group/agency offers.  To view, please click here.


Cool2talk, is the interactive service for young people aged 12-18 in the Western Isles. The website –– offers confidential health advice and information online from trained health professionals, to young people.

Booklets and Leaflets

A large number of booklets and leaflets are available for young people.  Information includes periods, body image, relationships, abuse (emotional, sexual and physical), sexuality, contraception, sexual problems, sexually transmitted infections, personal health, medical help, health clinics, and HIV.










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